Urban Tree Canopies: Good, but not a miracle cure

There’s a modern trend towards encouraging urban tree canopies consisting of mature shade trees. Increasing the tree canopy isn’t necessarily a bad idea. There are multiple documented benefits of urban tree canopies: Release of water vapor into the atmosphere which cools surrounding areas, mitigating the urban heat island effect Interception of rainfall and reduction of […]

Evicting Squatters, Guests, and Trespassers – Landlord Guide

We’ve written this article because there’s a lot of bogus information online about evicting squatters and other non-tenant residents. Much of this bad info seems to be written by property managers and realtors who confuse adverse possession with the laws relevant to active squatter situations. It’s disappointing what companies do for search engine optimization. Here […]

Easements: Giving away some (but not all) your property rights

An easement is a non-possessory interest in real property that allows one or more person to use a piece of property for a specific purpose, even though they don’t own the property. If this seems confusing, you are not alone. In this article, we will walk you through the most common types of easements, how […]

Adverse Possession: When trespassing becomes ownership

What is Adverse Possession? You may know adverse possession by the colloquial term, “squatter’s rights.” Basically, if someone has had possession of a piece of real property for a long time without the permission of the legal owner, then he or she may be entitled to ownership of the property under adverse possession. Adverse possession […]

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Washington Housing Policy and Land Use Law

Welcome to the forefront of housing advocacy and land use law, where your rights as a property owner or tenant intersect with the intricate regulations that shape our communities. This guide aims to shed light on the crucial issues surrounding housing, land use, and the legal framework that governs them. Housing policy Access to safe, […]

Washington Construction Law

If you’re involved in the construction industry in Washington, understanding the legal framework is crucial for navigating the diverse challenges of your projects. From contractual agreements to regulatory compliance, this guide will illuminate key aspects of construction law tailored to the Evergreen State. Navigating construction law in Washington state The construction industry in Washington is […]

Mechanic’s Liens

A mechanic’s lien is a type of lien used by contractors, subcontractors, or material suppliers to place an encumbrance on a piece of property until a debt is paid. For example, an individual who installs a new deck in someone else’s backyard could place a lien on the property that was improved (the entire parcel […]

Is locking out your tenant cheaper than an eviction? *Yikes*

Evictions are expensive–often costing $2,000-5,000. They also take a long time–usually at least four months from start to finish. Due to these high costs, frustrated landlords sometimes wonder whether it’s worth the risk of just skipping the eviction process and locking their tenant out of the unit illegally, a practice known as landlord “self-help.” This question […]