Is locking out your tenant cheaper than an eviction? *Yikes*

Evictions are expensive–often costing $2,000-5,000. They also take a long time–usually at least four months from start to finish. Due to these high costs, frustrated landlords sometimes wonder whether it’s worth the risk of just skipping the eviction process and locking their tenant out of the unit illegally, a practice known as landlord “self-help.” This question […]

Why Tacoma’s new eviction bans are (probably) illegal

If you’re a Tacoma landlord, you’ve probably heard of Tacoma’s infamous (and ironically named) Landlord Fairness Code–the bombshell anti-landlord ordinance voted into law as initiative no. 1 in November 2023. In other articles on this website, we’ve covered both the effects of the Landlord Fairness Code on Tacoma landlords, and the bonkers story of how […]